Feb 8, 2010

Flexi8 Hair Clip: Crown of Hearts

Flexi8 hair clips are super flexible and sturdy to withstand even the thickest hair, but are available small enough to hold up the finest hair, and very thin sections. They adorn the hair beautifully with their crystals, beads, and metal findings. The selection is so large, you will have a hard time choosing your favorite. I use the smaller ones to pin back my bangs flawlessly, and the larger ones to hold up my hair for pretty twists, and half up/half down hairstyles. The mini sized clips are adorable! There are cute Valentine's Day designs on the website right now, as well as instructional videos explaining how to do various hairstyles. Go see for yourself!

Got long hair? Check out this video on YouTube featuring a woman styling very long hair into a bun with a Flexi8 clip!