May 4, 2010

Get Hairless with Silk’n SensEpil

What it does:

This high tech system makes hair less visible over time. It helps to diminish the hair at the root, making it grow back more fine each hair growth cycle.

How it works:

Plug in the device into a wall outlet. Turn on the pressing the button until it “gets ready”. Use the hand held attachment to deliver light pulse to skin, one section at a time, not overlapping as best as possible. There are cartridges that you will have to replace after a period of time. Find out more in the manual or by watching the DVD.

Ease of use and what to expect:

The device is easy to use. It comes with an informative and fun to watch instructional DVD and instruction manual. It is a cute, small system, and has a cord that you must plug into the wall. It sounds a little bit like a blow dryer when in use.

Upon my first use, I was surprised at how simple it was to operate, and how quickly I was able to cover the entire area of skin I wanted to treat . You should have enough time to use it in the morning before work. I was a little scared at first because I didn’t know how the light pulse would feel, but since it happens so quickly, it did not really bother me. The light pulse is pretty bright, so I chose to close my eyes as I was using it. The light pulse feels sort of like a slap or pinch, but it is very fast, so the slight pain sensation goes away very quickly. I started off on the first strength setting (which is advised to do for everyone).

Click over to the Silk'n SensEpil website for more information. The "Before and After" photos are astonishing! They even have a blank treatment diary page that you can download, print, or send to a friend.