Jul 15, 2011

Drop the Drama and Be Happy for Once

Have you been in a rut in your relationship lately? Does it seem like everything you do causes even more problems and stress? Let go of all of that drama and learn to love again with help from these great books:

I Married You, Not Your Family and Nine Other Relationship Myths That Will Ruin Your Marriage by Linda Mintle, PhD, has a very long title but the help that you will attain by reading this book comes quick. This book is easy to read and is Christian based, which is very important to me. It is not going to push you in the wrong direction and make things worse. Included is advice on how to be freed from guilt, how to reconnect with your spouse, how to empower your spouse and also how to show empathy. You will learn healthy marriage strategies, as well as unhealthy behaviors, and so many other valuable lessons and tips to help make your relationship better. I'll admit, I read chapter 7 entitled "Growing Apart" first, due to some problems in my own marriage, but after I read that, I couldn't put the book down. Another one of my favorite chapters is chapter 10, entitled "Infidelity". If there is one book you read this year about marriages, I suggest it be this one.

A very curious and interesting thing happened to me during these hard times in my life, a few months ago, when I was coping with problems in my marriage. When I was reading the book mentioned above, I came across The Case for Falling in Love: Why We Can't Master the Madness of Love -- and Why That's the Best Part, by Mari Ruti, PhD. It interestingly and similarly has "myths and truths" listed throughout the chapters. So, I thought "how funny..." maybe I was meant to read this book as well, and at the same time! One of the things it teaches us is that men and women are really not all that different, and want the same basic things out of life." "Ruti guides women toward emotionally healthy dating practices, non-combative (yet empowering) attitudes toward dating and the opposite sex, and the preservation of the beauty, mystery and nuance of classic love and romance." Chapter 7, entitled "It's All About The Thing," discusses "our sense of wholeness" and why we are consistently trying to find a perfect substitute for it, weather it be things we do to make ourselves happy, to making it that special someone in our lives. This is the one chapter that I suggest you should read in depth, if you get a hold of this spectacular book.

I have learned so much from these two books so I wanted to share them with you, and hope you find the time to pick up copies, learn something, and be enlightened. Best wishes!