Mar 19, 2008

A Man, So Lovely.

All men are unique but yet men can be stunning ,tasteful & classy along with unique with guidelines. Since men I know love to be straight to the point and are practical-DO is only needed.

DO be confident not arrogant!
DO use a Tongue Scraper.
DO wear sunglasses and use Sunblock.
DO wear a cologne that you like or your significant other adores.
DO get pedicures & manicures.
DO eat healthy and Exercise.

DO be as sexy and cheeky as Johnny Depp.

DO wear elegant bone or white formal shoes.
DO own a white suit to be showy & suave in.

DO use Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Conditioning Lip Balm with Turmeric

DO use Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Eye Serum to optimize skin's defenses.
For those tough to get out dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Tip - models use hemorrhoid cream under the eye.

DO wear a see through garment at the right times. ex. under a suit or sports coat.

DO have a collection of sexy fitted jeans in many colors.
DO wear a belt that goes with your outfit.

DO wear a Sperry Shoe.

DO get a nice collection of ties.
DO own a beige trench coat.

DO play with the Euro look.

DO not forget to wear a great dress shoe.

DO work on a nice summer glow.

DO own some great manly boots.

DO be broad. Only well mix browns & blacks subtly.

DO be as sharp as The Classic Actor/Dancer Rudolf Valentino.