Oct 31, 2012

Hydrating Skincare on a Budget

The cold months are upon us and we all need more hydration to keep our skin looking healthy. This moisturizing duo by Murad is perfect for day time use, and most suited for those with normal to dry skin. The Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream (shown here in the large jar) is a very rich and fresh, almost sweet smelling cream. I noticed a difference in the moisture level of my skin, when I did not use it, so it does work. Added benefits of this product are that it improves texture and tone, and is great for sensitive skin.

In the small jar, the Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes is great for firmness and wrinkle control.

Both of these products provide results lasting up to 8 hours. Results will vary, however, so it is best to try it out for yourself. The cute packaging, and carrying case make this a perfect gift or party favor.

Murad Hydrate for Hope Set