Jan 13, 2008

Mario Cinquemani

Mario Cinquemani is a self tought fine artist. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, traveled throughout North America and Europe, and is currently working on his own technique, which is a realistic way of painting, focusing on composition. He has worked closely with Jose Fors, Carlos Vargas, and Wei Li a.k.a. Willy Wong, and now resides in Jalisco.

“It is very important for people to be aware that each person is an individual, not just a part of a whole in which there is no difference between one or the other. As much as the role they play to make society work, one must work toward the inside to find oneself as an individual different from the rest. One must develop those personal qualities, and let go of everything else. Just flow with life and do not be afraid of feeling like an outsider. Believe me, there are many other people doing their part too.”

“I think composition is one of the most important things to develop, regardless of the technique.”